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LWDblog. Complete 'Life With Derek' fun.

I gotta say, I was laughing so hard when Ashley calls her mom... That was one of my favorite podcasts.

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I want to start this out by saying it was definitely one of the best 'LWD' episodes. There was so much Smarti/Smerek bonding that I could not stop smiling and crying.

As far as the term "family show" is concerned, this episode was top ten of all time. It had such a great family dynamic, but am I the only one who noticed that Casey wasn't a part of it? I mean, as far as the family bonding and everything went, Casey and Derek remained in their dynamic. Gotta love Dasey hints. It's all we Dasey shippers have!

But I loved the Lizzie and Edwin storyline for once.

This episode was great. Everything was flawless.

And ABBY! FINALLY! I loved her. I want her in the show more. She was so not the fandom-version of Abby. She was great with Derek. Such a great dynamic.

- "Senora Sanchez, may I please be expelled?"
- The waterworks I had when Marti said, "Don't go, Smerek." I just started bawling. Then Casey had to start crying...
- The typical Dasey moment at the end. Derek fixes it for Casey, but still finds a way to totally piss her off.
- George's reaction to the school paper.
- The Sam and Derek moment! I love Sam so much third season.

And now I'm all distracted by 'Grade A Cheater.'

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The newest 'LWD' podcast is up now.

Sorry it took so long for me to blog about it, my parents came to campus to visit for the weekend.

It's been on YouTube, I just haven't posted it here.

So here ya go. It's cute. I love when Michael flicks Ashley's hand. It's adorable.

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I hate Disney XD. Everyone has seen 'Adios Derek' by now, I'm sure. If not, it's on Disney XD, so go!

However, I don't think it works on a Mac. And that's what I have. And my roommate has a Mac.

My parents are coming tomorrow. Maybe I can call and convince one of them to bring their laptops.


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Does somebody want to explain to me what is going on with the advertising department at Disney?

People like 'Life With Derek.' The numbers prove it, the show has great ratings.

But the show could be huge. I'm talking up there with 'That's So Raven' and 'Lizzie McGuire.' I don't like to compare it to 'Hannah Montana' because I think the music in the show adds to its popularity. However, 'LWD' could bring in money, fans, viewers, even new Disney Channel stars to the company that they can exploit like they have to Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus, etc.

The commercials for 'LWD' are few and far between. I'm a Disney Channel addict and if I weren't a member of the 'Life With Derek' fan communities of TV.com, IMDB, and FanFiction.net, I would have no idea when new episodes come on. Disney Channel sure doesn't advertise it. Furthermore, unlike 'Hannah Montana,' it doesn't have a good daily timeslot.

And has anyone seen the official site on DisneyChannel.com? It's pathetic. It hasn't been updated since first season! All the photos and video clips (although that's generous; the site only has one video.) are completely outdated.

Maybe its because 'LWD' is not their show. This way, they're not tied down to the show if they decide to stop airing it.

Basically, that's why I'm mad. I love rooting for the underdog. Being a fan of 'LWD' is so much more fun than it is to be a fan of 'Hannah Montana.' The community is more close-knit. I love it.

But I don't like the fact that Disney Channel takes it for granted. The show is amazing and deserves a big fanbase.

And I don't like the thought that 'LWD' is going to run for at least 5 seasons, and there's a strong possibility that without great ratings, Disney might stop showing it.

Basically, I'm saying Disney needs to get their shit together. 'LWD' is awesome. It deserves more.

And I'm sick of missing new episodes because Disney sucks so hardcore.


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The lack of Michael was weird, but I actually enjoyed watching Ashley and Daniel interact. There wasn't enough Jordan though, considering her placement in the podcast.


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Head on over to TV Links for a one-stop site to find a lot of episodes to watch.

TV.com is a great place for all 'LWD' information. It's easy to find the actors from certain episodes.

LWD Fan Gallery has a lot of episode caps. It hasn't been updated with Season 3 caps/promos, 'ReGenesis' caps, 'The Zack Files,' etc. But it's a good spot for 'LWD.'

And of course, 'Life With Derek' on IMDB.

Comment with any I may have missed.

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People seriously piss me off.

What kind of idiot posts that Michael Seater died in a car accident?

I'm irritated that I gave it the time of day on here. Which is why I edited the entry.

People suck. Discuss.

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By charlan1983

By greenfiend03

By jmb917 *This is one of my favorite videos ever. I love the use of 'ReGenesis' clips*

By greenfiend03

And just for good measure, I love this episode preview. Great use of editing.
By greenfiend03

Post in the comments any that I may have missed. I love these trailers!

PS -- Thanks to moirariordan for the mood theme. Check out the picture for 'enthralled!' It's adorable.

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Yes. This will indeed be a blog dedicated to 'Life With Derek.'

I'm not too sure if I will keep up with it. I'm at the height of my obsession and I have a lot to say.

Mostly, I'm posting here because I think people are sick of my long posts on TVcom, IMDB, and YouTube. I will write pages about the show.

Here, I will post my thoughts. Feel free to comment. I'll link you to videos, graphics, fanfiction, etc. Mostly, not mine. I don't write much. And I suck at graphics.

Links to the accounts I have at all these sites are in my profile.

And don't get too crazy about the youtube page for now. I decided to make a page devited to 'Life With Derek,' so I uploaded the latest podcast and I'm in the process of switching over all my old subscriptions and favorites so that the best of 'LWD' on YouTube is available in one place.

Also, subscribe to that YouTube link to keep up-to-date on the podcasts. I'll upload them as they come out.

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